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Dental Implants


Any surgical procedure should only be performed by specialists, and dental implant surgery is an area of expertise for the professionals at Dental Lounge.

When your natural teeth have been damaged beyond repair or are missing teeth, and you're self-conscious about your smile, implants may be the answer to your problems. These affordable, accessible repairs are commonly performed in dental offices around the world, and Dental Lounge offers high-quality care focused on your needs.

We're with you every step of the way from scheduling your appointment and handling insurance questions to the surgery and aftercare. Call Dental Lounge today to make a time where we can answer all of your questions.

Focusing on Extraction Site Preservation

Implants are an essential part of dentistry, but not all dentists explain to patients the necessity of taking care of the site of extraction. This space is supposed to have roots, bone, and teeth in it, and now that it’s empty, your whole mouth can shift.

As your teeth get used to this newly vacated area, they begin to shift to fill up some of that gap. This unnatural change, along with the other effects, can cause your jaw bone to deteriorate. The results of this damage include such major issues as problems with your bite and difficulty chewing and speaking.

At Dental Lounge, we understand the consequences of leaving an extraction site empty and work with you to preserve the area in healthy ways. Helping you to understand what goes on behind the scenes in your mouth after your tooth is removed is the first step.

Once the extraction is complete, the bone underneath the removed tooth goes through a process called “resorption.” During this process, the bone shrinks or deteriorates. Depending on the severity, this can result in a sunken look in your facial features. The appearance is one problem, but another is that with this missing jawbone, it can become difficult to implant a tooth to fix the issue.

With the preservation of the extraction site, your dentist treats the bone underneath the area to stay healthy during the healing process. This keeps it from shrinking and allows future implants or restoration to remain an option. 

In more severe cases, your dentist might recommend a bone graft during the extraction process. During this minor surgical procedure, the dental surgeon makes an incision in your gum line to get to the bone in question. Grafting material is then added, which includes processed bone minerals that encourage your body to deposit and grow new bone cells. 

When this procedure is done at the same time as the extraction, it prevents double surgeries and decreases the likelihood of bone resorption problems. If you are a candidate for a bone graft procedure to encourage extraction site preservation, your dentist will let you know ahead of time.

Consultations Are Available

If a tooth extraction is in your future, you might benefit from a dental implant at the time of the extraction. These are a more recent form of dental restoration that work as a preventative measure to avoid dentures or bridges.

However, between the extraction and the implant, there are dental health requirements and medical history concerns that must be addressed. To ensure you are a candidate for extraction or implant, schedule a consultation with your dentist at Dental Lounge.

During this scheduled time, you can ask questions about your options, and your dentist will evaluate your teeth and gums to check your oral health. A detailed review of your current medications and medical history will be performed to make sure you’re a candidate for the surgery. Additionally, a CT scan or x-ray will be recommended to verify there is enough healthy bone at the extraction site.

Before you leave, you’ll have your questions answered and a treatment plan in place for your next steps!

Single Tooth Implants and Other Procedures

Dental Lounge implant procedures consist of an immediate implant after your extraction to replace the missing tooth, all the way to aftercare of other implants and full prosthetic devices. 

Whether you need an extraction and considering implants to hide the gap and preserve the health of the newly empty site or you already have implants and need someone to help you with the care of your oral health and regular checkups, our office is ready to help you. 

Schedule an appointment today for the friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable dental care with the experts at Dental Lounge.


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